Law on Insolvency and Reorganization

Our Law Firm's offer in the area of Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law concentrates on the following activities:

  • financial and economic analysis of the debtor's entity in respect of bankruptcy and/or reorganization proceedings as well as the requirements and chances behind,
  • preparation of Legal Opinions and Assessments,
  • preparation of the bankruptcy application as well as its filing with the Court on behalf of both Creditors and Debtors,
  • complex services with regard to debtors considering a legally required announcement of bankruptcy, including private bankruptcy cases,
  • representation of the creditors or a Debtor’s interests in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, including the preparation and drafting of pleadings, i.e. complaints against the decision to declare bankruptcy, claims notifications, contesting the list of claims, 
  • procedural representation,
  • opinion on the possibility of conducting recovery proceedings,
  • applications on behalf of the debtor to carry out repair proceedings, as well as drawing up repair plans, 
  • we carry out transformations, mergers, divisions of partnerships and capital companies.

Among others, our Law Firm provided services to the General Administration for National Roads and Motorways and the Municipality of Kraków, advising and representing the Client's interests within the framework of bankruptcy proceedings filed in in Austria.

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