Real Estate Law

Within this specialization Dr. Tomasz Klimek attorney at law performs following legal services:

  • drawing up and legal analysis of sales and donation contracts
  • trusteeship and comprehensive conduct of real estate transactions
  • representation in land register procedures (e.g. entries of property right, property division)
  • representation before public offices for real estate market in case of property sale by foreigners outside of European Union
  • drawing up and legal evaluation of hire and lease contracts

In contrary to Germany and Poland – real estate sales contract in Austria does not require a form of a notarial deed. Also different from the Polish law the buyer acquires property not with signing a contract, but with the entry in the land register. Due to guarantee safety of the transaction one should entrust a lawyer with its conduct. The lawyer prepares all required documents, accompanies the parties as a trustee under the supervision of Bar Chamber and conducts the transaction in cooperation with a financing bank institute. The trustee usually represents the parties before the Land Register Court and the Inland Revenue.

Tomasz Klimek attorney at law conducts comprehensively the real estate sale and donation procedures. The procedures are supervised by the Bar Chamber in Vienna. Therefore the Clients can rely on efficiency and professionalism of legal service and instant achievement of intended goal.

We represent also citizens of non-EU countries in purchase of real estate in proceedings before offices for real estate market aiming at receiving necessary permits.

For legal service for Russian-speaking Clients Tomasz Klimek cooperates with Russian attorney Maxim Maryshow LL.M., who is also a certified translator of Russian and German language.

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