Civil law and divorce

Within this specialization Dr. Tomasz Klimek attorney at law performs following legal services:

  • compensation claims in Austria and Poland – ski accidents in Austria
  • family law in Austria and Poland
  • inheritance law in Austria and Poland

Compensation law

Tomasz Klimek attorney at law advises and represents in compensation law cases. His law firm in Vienna claims compensations for property damages and personal injuries of Clients (e.g. health injuries as a result of accident or malpractice). In particular in case of injuries resulting from car accidents, ski accidents and malpractice.

Family law (divorce, maintenance, transfer of parental authority, division of property)

Tomasz Klimek attorney at law advises and represents in litigation concerning such cases like: divorce in Austria, maintenance for ex-spouse, maintenance for children, transfer of parental authority for one of spouses, deprivation of parental rights, division of property after divorce). Discretion and professionalism required by family law cases are for us absolutely fundamental.

Inheritance law

On 17 August 2015 a regulation of European Union (regulation No. 650/2012) regarding inheritance law entered into force. According to this regulation all inheritance cases fall within the scope of national law applicable to the place of habitual residence of the deceased at the time of death. The regulation includes a possibility of choice of law in full scope.

We offer full range of legal service according to the European, Polish and Austrian inheritance law, aiming at optimal regulation of succession. We also represent our Clients before Austrian and Polish courts in inheritance proceedings.

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